Friday, April 25, 2014

Lucy's Had A Big Week

So, I adopted a dog. Her name is Lucy, and she is a seven-year-old purebred Corgi with on-leash aggression against other dogs. Otherwise, she is a little angel. Completely housebroken and somewhat obedience trained. Loves everyone she meets, as long as they are willing to rub her belly. Actually, that is not a requirement. She just loves everyone.

She looks like a killer, huh? More like a Twinkie.

She was surrendered on Easter Sunday because her previous owner wanted to devote all their time to their older Corgi who was going to be recovering from a scheduled surgery.

I spotted this lovely on Tuesday, and when she was still there Wednesday morning (purebreds don't stay at the pound long), I decided to pounce. I called to make sure she wasn't held, and biked my way through rainy, cold weather to go and just meet her. After waiting and waiting and waiting, I met Miss Lucy. What a sweetheart! A few minutes into our meet, she proceeded to roll on her back and splay her legs, as to say "Rub my belly". I was smitten. I put her on hold, went to purchase dog supplies, dog proof the house, and came back later to pick her up.

Most of Wednesday night, she slept. In between, she proved how well-trained (house and otherwise) she is.

Thursday, I came home at lunch to find zero accidents (!), and some very cute little signs that she had been romping. Kitchen rugs askew and draperies pushed to the sides. Thursday night, I received the most excited little canine welcome home. Wiggly butt and all. Sorta like this.

Tonight was vet night. The Humane Society offers a free vet exam for all their animals, however, Lucy was not there long enough to be examined by one of their docs, so we got a certificate for a checkup from a local place. We headed over, and my little pal was so loved by all she came in contact with. Sadly I found out that she is more of a chunk than originally thought. 36 lbs at the vet versus the 28 lbs the humane society published.

So far, so good. My furry little companion is snoozing by my feet, after her peanut butter-filled Kong (a reward for being good at the vet).

The diet starts tomorrow.

Bon Appetit, and have a lovely weekend!

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