Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Flowers of 2014 and An Odd Biking Day

Signs of Spring at Clementine Cottage are quite apparent now. Tulips popping up everywhere and the lilac bushes are in bloom.

The Opening Bouquet of the Season

I love love love flowers, and Clemmy's pre-existing rose bushes, lavender plants, and lilacs only added to her appeal. The lilacs and tulips have decided that this sunny week was the one to start displaying their beauty. And I cannot quite resist wanting to have some of said beauty inside.

Now, onto to odd biking stuff. My commute home involves an uphill switchback, a small hill, a bigger hill, and a brief upward slope followed by smooth sailing. As I was coming off the switchback this afternoon, another cyclist made a move to pass me. As she was doing so, she looked to her right (because she was passing properly) and said, "do you bike a lot?" Not sure whether she was being facetious (as I had slowed considerably), I answered, "I do.Why?" "You have strong legs", she responded, "I just noticed that. Go ahead" and dropped back.

Well, well. Here I am in my fou fou girl dress getting a compliment from a spandex-clad bike warrior. Almost made the young girl who shouted "SLUT!" at me from a car later worth it.

Bon Apetit, and have a beautiful weekend!

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